22C:21 Computer Science II: Data Structures

10:30-11:20 MWF, Room 1505 SC

Instructor: Sriram V. Pemmaraju
101G MLH, sriram@cs.uiowa.edu, 319-353-2956
Office Hours: 9-10 Tuesday, 11:30-12:30 Wednesday, and 9-10 Friday.

This is the second in the sequence of core undergraduate computer science courses and is required for all computer science majors and minors. It builds on the first course, Computer Science I: Fundamentals (22C:16) and and is concerned mainly with the design and implementation of data structures, algorithms for accessing and manipulating data structures, and the application and uses of data structures. Java is the programming language of choice for this course.

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Information about TAs

There are three TAs for the course: Anish Padariya, Michael Edwards, and Erik Krohn. They will lead discussion sections according to the following schedule.
Section         Time                    Location                TA
A01             12:30-1:20 Monday	210 MLH			Anish Padariya	
A02             9:30-10:20 Tuesday	118 MLH			Michael Edwards	
A03             3:30-4:20 Wednesday 	114 MLH			Erik Krohn	
A04             1:30-2:20 Tuesday	105 MLH			Michael Edwards	
Contact information for the TAs is as follows.
Anish Padiyara		B20J MLH	335-3650	apadiyar@cs.uiowa.edu 	www.cs.uiowa.edu/~apadiyar
Michael Edwards		B20J MLH	335-3650	mcedward@cs.uiowa.edu 	www.cs.uiowa.edu/~mcedward
Erik Krohn		B20J MLH	335-3650	eakrohn@cs.uiowa.edu 	www.cs.uiowa.edu/~eakrohn
They will hold office hours according to the following schedule.
Anish Padiyara		Monday 4:00-5:00, Friday 5-6
Michael Edwards		Tuesday 4:00-5:00, Wednesday 5:00-6:00, Thursday 4:00-5:00
Erik Krohn		Monday 12:30-1:20, Thursday 1:30-2:20

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