Foundations of Programming Languages

22C:185 Foundations of Programming Languages
Fall 2004


Arthur C. Fleck; Office: 201D MLH; Hours: 10-11 AM M-W-F, or by arrangement; Ph. 335-0718; email:
TA: Bob Arens, Office: 201N MLH; Hours: 1:30-2:20 PM M-W, or by arrangement; Ph.: 353-2547; email:


22C:19, 31, 111

Text and Supplementary Material


Course Goals

Topic Outline

Course Administration

There will be mid-term (10/11/04) and final exam (9:45 AM, Friday 12/17/04), plus regular homework assignments. The weighting of these items in grade determination is as follows:

homework 30%
mid-term exam 25%
final exam 40%
subjective 5%

You are encouraged to consult sources other than our texts (even if there is no directed reading assignment), including both reserve books and on-line material. You should also feel free to discuss the course topics with your classmates (even general approaches to homework problems) since it is a genuinely helpful learning activity to formulate your own thoughts about the material sufficiently to express them to others. But since the homework counts as a significant portion of your grade, it is expected that submitted work will be strictly your own; the department has explicit procedures for cheating that are described in the Graduate Handbook.

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