Final Exam Study Guide


The final exam will be open book and notes, and will be comprehensive. The intention is to balance total exam time relatively uniformly across all topics covered. As a general guide to emphasis, you can imagine one hour of the final focused on the topics treated since the midterm, and the other hour distributed uniformly across all course topics.


Time: Friday December 17, 9:45 11:45 am in our regular classroom (110 MLH)


Major topics (by relevant portions of our text):

chapters 1-3

section 7.2

chapter 9, excluding section 9.7

chapter 10, excluding section 10.4

chapter 11, excluding sections 11.3 & 11.5, but including array proving

chapter 12, excluding section 12.5


Final Exam Study Suggestions

Since the exam is comprehensive, one useful step is to review the midterm and homework problems. Of course, timed exam questions are necessarily formulated to have much briefer answers than homework problems, but homework is topically representative. Make sure any uncertainty revealed by the homework and midterm has been resolved. For additional problems on algebraic semantics, you could consider the following in our text: #1, #3 &#4 in section 12.2; #1&#4 in section 12.3; #1&#2 in section 12.4.


Exam Week Office Hours

Arens -- Monday (12/13), 1:30-2:30 PM, or by arrangement

Fleck -- Wednesday (12/15), 10-11 AM, or by arrangement