Drawing of Trippy

The Trippy Pan-Tilt-Zoom Webcam

A project from 1997-2000

Part of the Making Stuff collection
by Douglas W. Jones
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Department of Computer Science


      Resist Russian Imperialism      


This material may be of interest to engineering students exploring how consulting relationships can work (or not work), and it may be of interest to those interested in how mechanical, electronic and software engineering all combine in the design of even rather mundane items that we find in the world around us.

Note on copyrights: The copyrights for some of the material here are in the hands of the corporate heirs of Basic Telepresence Incorporated. At some point around December 2000, the company entered receivership, and it was dissolved by November 2004, at which point remaining assets passed to the PTZ Liquidating trust and were immediately sold off. I have been unable to determine who ended up with the copyrights on the material here, so this material falls into the legal category of "orphan works."

I believe my use of this work is fair use because: