22C:137, 22M:152 Theory of Graphs

10:55-12:10 TTh Room 114 MLH

Instructor: Sriram V. Pemmaraju
101G MLH, sriram@cs.uiowa.edu, 319-353-2956
Office Hours: 2-3 MWF

Teaching Assistant: Rajiv Raman
101L MLH, rraman@cs.uiowa.edu, 319-353-2353
Office Hours: 3-4 TTh

This course is aimed at graduate students in computer science and mathematics and at advanced undergraduates who have 22C:31 (or equivalent) or 22M:50 (or equivalent). It will cover a mixture of classical material in graph theory and some recent results (for example, on power law graphs). A tentative list of topics is given below. For each main topic, I will attempt to present at least one significant algorithmic result.


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Grading Policy, Announcements, Homeworks and Exams, Topics, Schedule and Plans

Grading Policy

Plus/Minus grading will be used for the course. There will be 4 homeworks, a midterm, and a final exam. Each homework will be wortht 15% of your grade and each exam will be worth 20%.


Homeworks and Exams

List of Topics

This is a tentative list of topics we will study in the course.
  1. Flows, Connectivity, Matching.
    • Max-flow min-cut theorem
    • Hall's theorem for bipartite matching and Tutte's 1-factor theorem
    • Menger's theorem and Mader's theorem on graph connectivity
    • Nash-William's theorem on edge-disjoint spanning trees
    • Matroid theory and approximation algorithms for connectivity problems

  2. Graph Coloring
    • Brook's theorem for vertex coloring
    • Vizing's theorem for edge coloring
    • 5-colorability of planar graphs
    • List coloring: 5-choosability of planar graphs
    • Perfect graphs and characterizations
    • The ellipsoid algorithm for coloring perfect graphs

  3. Random Graphs
    • The probabilistic method: existence of high girth, high chromatic number graphs
    • Simple properties of almost all graphs
    • Threshold functions and second moments
    • The Phase transition
    • Power law graphs, small world networks, and their properties

  4. Extremal Graph Theory
    • Turan's theorem on the existence of large cliques
    • Szemeredi's Regularity Lemma
    • Applying the Regularity Lemma: Erdos-Stone Theorem
    • Topological minors: the result of Bollobas-Thomason and Komlos-Szemeredi
    • Hadwiger's conjecture