Lustre Examples

Here is a superset of the example lustre programs seen in class. Clicking on the link will open the example within the on-line version of Kind 2.

If you want to simulate on the programs above:

  • Click on the Interpreter tab and write/copy your Lustre nodes in the text window.
  • After that, click on the Make Table button and fill in the input you want
  • Finally, click Run to simulate the program.
  • Click on Remove Column and Add Column to change the number of steps in the simulation.

Observer nodes

If you want to verify properties of a Lustre program expressed in an observer node above:

  • Click on the Property Checker tab.
  • Click on the Check button to start the checker.
  • If a property is falsified by the checker, you can click on it to see a falsifying execution in the Interpreter tab.

Copyright: Cesare Tinelli, The University of Iowa, 2014   Credits