Dr. Suely Oliveira, Professor

Department of Computer Science, 14 MLH.
The University of Iowa.
Iowa City, IA 52242-1419, USA

Email: suely-oliveira@uiowa.edu

Office: 101 MLH

Phone:  319-335-0731
Fax:      319-335-3624  


Office Hours (Fall 2021)  (Zoom)
Tu&Th- 10:30am-11:30am or by appointment 

Machine Learning, Scientific Computing  and Parallel Algorithms.


Professor Oliveira is a Full Professor in Computer Science at the University of Iowa, member of the Informatics and the Applied Mathematical and Computational Sciences programs. She was previously an Assistant Professor at Texas A&M, and has taught at and visited many Universities, long visits at the Australian National University and University of São Paulo. Professor Oliveira's research is interdisciplinary, on the computational and theoretical aspects of algorithms in Scientific Computing and Machine Learning. She is particularly interested in genetics, biology, chemistry, and medicine. Projects have included clustering algorithms for protein-protein networks, neural networks for antibiotic resistance, and interpretable neural networks for test assessments. She has graduated 13 PhD students and is advising around 5 other PhD students; she  has authored/co-authored over 85 refereed papers. Professor Oliveira has  published two books (one with Cambridge University Press and one with World Scientific).



Book: Building Proofs: A Practical Guide, World Scientific

Book: Writing Scientific Software, Cambridge University Press

Current and Past PhD Students
Research Group: Optimization, Machine Learning and High Performance Computing

TEACHING: classes in the area of Parallel Computing, Algorithms, Discrete Structures, and Data Structures.



CS:2230 Computer Science II Data Structures: (Fall2022, Summer2022, Fall2021, Fall 2020, Spring 2020)

CS:4740/MATH:4740/STAT:4740  Large Data Analysis  ( Spring 2019,  2018,  2017, 2016 )

CS:3330 Algorithms  ( Fall 2018 sec 1 & sec 2 )

CS:4700/MATH:4860 High Performance and Parallel Computing ( Fall 2017 )
CS:2210 Discrete Structures  ( Fall 2015 sec1 & sec 2)

REU Computing for Health and Well-being (Summer 2021)

Big Data Summer School (2015-2018)



Machine Learning in Quantum Information Science
University of Iowa QSim initiative
David Stewart, Denis Candido, and Suely Oliveira

Machine Learning for Antibiotic Resistance
Private Industry gift from JMI Laboratories, North Liberty
PIs: Suely Oliveira and Cory Kromer-Edwards

Double strand break repair maelstrom: causes, mechanisms and genome destabilizing consequences R35 GM127006-01.
NIGMS. Investigator/s Anna Malkova (Principal Investigator), Suely P Oliveira (Collaborator).

Large Data Analysis & Visualization at the University of Iowa
PI: Suely Oliveira, co-PIs: Mary Kathryn Cowles, Isabel Darcy, Bruce Ayati, and David Stewart.

Developing efficient algorithms to process massive spatial data
Private Industry grant from John Deere, Moline
PIs: Suely Oliveira and Rahil Sharma


FSDM 2019 - October 19, 2019, Kitakyushu, Japan
IJCNN 2019 - July 2019, Budapest, Hungary
UIOWA 2018- October, 2019, Iowa City, IA
SIAM 2018  - July 2018, Portland, Oregon
MCA 2017 - July 2017, Montreal, Canada


Informatics Program, Executive Committee (2022-present)

Information Technology Advisory Charter Committee (2021-2024)

Applied Mathematical and Computational Sciences Program

Large Data Analysis Undergraduate Certificate Coordinator (2014-2019),
Daily Iowan
, Office of Research


TPC for the 11th Annual Computing and Communication Workshop and Conference,
  Virtual, USA, January 2021

TPC for the International International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Data Mining
FSDM, October 2020, Xiamen, China

TPC for the 20th IEE International Paralllel and Distributed Scientific and Engineering Computing
(PDSEC19), jointly with 33rd IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS)
May 2019, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

TPC for the International International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Data Mining
FSDM, October 2019, Kitakyushu City, Japan

TPC for the International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Data Mining

FSDM, November 2018, Bangkok, Thailand.

Sci Advisory Board (2018-present)

Big Data and Cognitive Computing Special Issue Guest Editor, 2018

Big Data and Cognitive Computing, Editor and Advisory Board