Andrew Marmaduke
Mathematical Sciences, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52241
Mailing Address: 14 MacLean Hall
Office: Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts and Sciences, #1422


I'm a Computer Science PhD student working in the Computational Logic Center. My advisor is Dr. Aaron Stump. I work with Aaron and others on Cedille. I am interested in programming language theory, logic, and the formalization of mathematics.

Conference and Symposium Proceedings

  1. Quotients by Idempotent Functions in Cedille. Andrew Marmaduke, Christopher Jenkins, Aaron Stump. To appear in Trends in Functional Programming (2019)

Unpublished Works

  1. A Simple Coarse-Grained Model of a Carbon Nanotube Forest Interacting with a Rigid Substrate. Andrew Marmaduke. Master Thesis. The University of Akron (2015)


  1. olette. An optimal lambda evaluation toy for graphically exploring reductions one at a time without an oracle to decide matching of fans. Implemented with the help of Macy Schmidt.