Many years ago (before there were "interstates") a popular diversion while traveling the highways of the USA was reading the advertising slogans of the Burma-Shave company for their shaving cream product. One of the slogans would appear, typically two words at a time, on a series of small signs separated by 50 yards or so along the roadway. For travelers of the information highway, here are a few "signs by the side of the road" -- sound file readings of favorite Burma-Shave signs.
There has been a revival of interest in the old Burma-Shave jingles. A compendium of all the slogans ever used by the company can be found in F. Rowsome, "The verse by the side of the road: the story of the Burma-Shave signs and jingles", S. Greene/Pelham Books, 1990. (with a foreword by Bob Dole -- yes, THAT Bob Dole)
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