Vivek Sardeshmukh
My name is Vivek B. Sardeshmukh.
I am a Ph.D. candidate at The University of Iowa in Department of Computer Science.
My Ph.D. adviser is Prof. Sriram Pemmaraju and I am a part of Algorithms Research Group here at University of Iowa.


101C MacLean Hall      319-353-2328      View Vivek Sardeshmukh's profile on LinkedIn      Vivek on ProjectEuler
Computer Science vivek-sardeshmukh[at]uiowa[dot]edu
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242-1419

Office Hours

22C:031 Students: I'll be holding office hours in 101N (not in 101C) at 2-3.30pm MF.


theoretical computer science: distributed algorithms, graph theory
big-data analysis: spatial data, social network data, epidemiology data.



Selected Projects


Other Activities

Yak shaving

Those who are unfamiliar with the word "yak shaving", read here.
I like to write bash scripts for anything that I have to do on a regular basis (over a short-time span or long-time span, it doesn't matter).
here are few.

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