Tanmay Inamdar

Email: firstname-lastname@uiowa.edu

I am a third year PhD student in Computer Science. My advisor is Prof. Kasturi Varadarajan.

I am interested in different areas of Theoretical Computer Science such as Approximation Algorithms, Computational Geometry, and Distributed Algorithms. I mainly work on approximation algorithms for NP-hard problems that have a geometric flavor. Recently, I have also started working on Distributed Algorithms with Prof. Sriram Pemmaraju.

Publications (See also: dblp)
  1. Fault Tolerant Covering in Metric Spaces (arXiv). With Santanu Bhowmick, and Kasturi Varadarajan. [More]
  2. Capacitated Covering in Metric and Geometric Spaces (SoCG 2018, invited for a special issue in DCG, arXiv). With Sayan Bandyapadhyay, Santanu Bhowmick, and Kasturi Varadarajan. [More]
  3. Clustering in the k-machine Model (ICDCN 2018, arXiv). With Sayan Bandyapadhyay, Shreyas Pai, and Sriram Pemmaraju. [More]
  4. On Partial Covering for Geometric Set Systems (SoCG 2018, arXiv). With Kasturi Varadarajan. [More]
  5. On the Partition Set Cover Problem (arXiv). With Kasturi Varadarajan. [More]