Project 1 Grading Guidelines

Due date: Tuesday, 10/7

In the discussion sections our TAs suggested a certain way of breaking up the project into manageable chunks. Here is a grading scheme we will use for the project that is based on this breakup. Your program is expected to perform correctly at one of 4 levels and your program will be graded out of the points corresponding to the highest level your program correctly works at.

For example, if you submit a correctly working buildDict and spellCheck 1.0 then your program will be graded out of 50 points. It is not guaranteed that you will get 50 points because we will consider other factor such as efficiency (e.g., binary search and not linear search is used to search the dictionary) and design of classes (e.g., copy constructors and destructors should be provided, if necessary).

Additional Notes.

  1. Along with your program files you are required to submit a file called README that contains two pieces of information: (i) the highest level your program works at correctly and (ii) a list of bugs in your program known to you.

  2. Make sure that the names you give to your program files are exactly as specified in the project handout. We will automate the process of grading and your project will not be graded if the names are different from what we expect.

  3. Programs that do not compile will not any points.