Project 1 Grading Guidelines

This describes the guidelines used in grading Project 1. If you have any questions or comments, first contact the TA who graded these: Takako Soma ( If your problem is not resolved in your meeting with Takako, see Professor Pemmaraju (

If your program does not compile with:

            g++ -o driver apstring.cxx node.cxx edge.cxx graph.cxx driver.cxx
you get zero points for the project, unless you specify how to compile it in your README file.

NOTE: If your program does not compile, resizing and templating are not checked in the code. If your program does compile, the point distribution for the various tasks is as follows:

  1. Adding node/edge and getting neighbors: 20 points
  2. Deleting node/edge: 20 points
  3. Error checking: 15 points
  4. Templating the class: 10 points
  5. Resizing memory (doubled in +=) and (halved -=) for nodes: 10 points
This is for a total of 75 points. Some other things:
  1. No README file: -5 points
  2. Naming of files does not follow instructions: -5 points (You are expected to use the following names: node.cxx node.h edge.cxx edge.h graph.cxx graph.h driver.cxx)