Project I Grading (out of 100 pts)

1. 10pts : Hash function: Using a valid hash function? Using quadratic probing?

2. 70 pts: (30pts for BuildDict + 40pts for SpellCheck)

    (a) 30 pts: Proper tokenization and processing of text files to build the dictionary. Running of the BuildDict class should take a maximum of few seconds.           The dictionary should contain unique words and no duplicates. For the three text files given in the project assignment page, there should be about                   7,180 distinct words in the dictionary.

    (b) 10 pts: For correct user interaction (ask user for proper input, and then print an acknowledgement for the user)

    (c) 10 pts: For correctly storing/remembering primary and the corresponding secondary words. Thus, the user should be able to correctly execute                         IGNORE or REPLACE options locally.

    (d) 15 pts: SpellCheck should correctly handle the global functions: REPLACE ALL and IGNORE ALL .

    (e) 5 pts: The corrected output file should contain the punctuations and other special characters exactly like the input file.

3. 5 pts: Setting the table size correctly (the table size should be prime, and may be not a very small value to avoid fewquent resizing)

4. 5 pts: The WordList class should provide all the required functionality. Besides the methods mentionaed in the class, it should also contain any other     method that is required to work on the WordList created.

5. 5 pts: Overall clarity and organization of the code (The logically related methods should be in class class and not spread over different classes, etc).

6. 5 pts: Proper documentation