CS:1210 Exam 1 Announcement

Exam 1 for CS:1210 "Computer Science I: Fundamentals" will be held on Feb 20th (Friday) from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm in W10 PBB (our classroom).

During the exam you can use any written/printed material you bring, including books, lecture notes, Python programs, Python documentation, etc. Make sure you bring everything that you feel you will need to the exam because you will not be allowed to share or borrow material with classmates during the exam. You will have to turn off and remove from your vicinity all electronic devices including cell phones, lap tops, calculators, dictionaries, etc.

The exam is worth 100 points, which is 10% of your final grade. Here is a brief description of the structure of the exam. The first two problems are worth 20 points each and the remaining two are worth 30 points each. Points will be equally divided among multiple parts of a problem.