22C:16 (CS:1210) Project 2, Stage 2 Clarifications

Here are two test files for Project 2, Stage 2: test1.py, test2.py. The grading for Project 2 will be largely automated and these test files will be the primary vehicle for grading your program. It is therefore critical that what your functions return exactly matches what our solution returns. For example, the types of objects should match, the order of elements in lists should match, etc. You should submit your solution in a file called project2.py by 4:59 pm on Friday, May 10th. Here are some corrections and clarifications in response to questions asked in class and on the discussion board.

There may be more clarifications and corrections in the next day. So please visit this page and the discussion board regularly. Also, don't hesitate to get in touch by in person or by e-mail with the instructors and TAs.

Last updated: Wednesday, May 8th