22C:016 Computer Science I: Fundamentals
Homework Submission Instructions

Use these instructions for all homework submissions.
  1. Please login to ICON and make sure that you can access the dropbox for your discussion section. The dropbox will close at 4:59 pm on Wednesdays.

  2. Your solutions to Homework 1 consist of some text and some python programs. Please place all the text in a pdf file called homework1.pdf and place your python programs in .py files whose names consist of the homework name and the problem number. For example, the python program that you would submit for Problem 4 in Homework 1 would be named homework1.4.py. You should use this naming convention for all future homeworks as well.

    Nowadays most word processors (e.g., Microsoft Word) allow you to produce pdf files. You may also have to draw simple pictures as part of your solutions (e.g., Problem 1 in Homework 1). Again, you can use simple drawing tools available in a word processor such as Microsoft Word. Alternately, you could draw a picture by hand and scan it (or take a picture of it) and include the picture in your pdf file.

  3. Your pdf file and programs should be in a folder called homework1. You should zip this folder into a single file called homework1.zip and then submit that file on ICON. Similar naming conventions apply to all future homeworks.

  4. Make sure that your name and discussion section appears at the top of the pdf file and at the top of each program you submit. You can add your name and section to the python program as comments.