22C:16 Computer Science I: Fundamentals.
Tentative Letter Grades, Feb 28th

I have computed aggregate scores and assigned tentative letter grades for your work in 22C:16 including HWs 1-2, Quizzes 1-4, and Exam 1. The grade distribution is:
Grade	Range		Number of students
A+	>= 100		1
A	[95,100)	9
A-	[90, 95)	15
B+	[85, 90)	20
B	[80, 85)	21
B-	[75, 80)	10
C+	[70, 75)	10
C	[60, 70)	25
C- 	[50, 60)	11
D	[40, 50)	12
F	< 40		16

Follow this link for details. The column titles are mostly self-explanatory. "H+Q" is the total score on homeworks and quizzes. To offset differences in grading styles of different TAs, I have normalized the total score on homeworks and quizzes by an "adjustment factor." This ranges from 0.92 to 1.20 and is given in the column labeled "Adj fac." The scores in column "Adj H + Q" are obtained by multiplying "H + Q" by the adjustment factor and this might cause your homework and quiz total to either fall a little or rise a little.

Your total, out of 230, is obtained by adding "Adj H + Q" and your Exam 1 score. The average was about 71% and I assigned a C+ for scores around the average.

In case you are interested, here is a bit more about the "adjustment factor." I used Section A1 as the base line and normalized all other sections to Section A1. Here are the adjustment factors I obtained for different sections:

Section 	adjustment factor	TA
A1		1			Viet Ha Thuc
A2		.93			Thomas Hornbeck
A3		.91			Thomas Hornbeck
A4		1.20			Valerie Galluzzi
A5		1.01			Viet Ha Thuc
A6		1.06			Valerie Galluzzi
In other words, if you are in one of Viet's sections your scores essentially did not change. If you are in one of Thomas' sections, your score got reduced a bit and if you are in one of Valerie's sections your score got increased a bit. Since I graded all the exams, across sections, I normalized the homework and quiz scores by using the differences in exam scores across sections. Come by and talk to me if you want to hear more details and see the magic formula.