22C:16 Computer Science I: Fundamentals.
Tentative Letter Grades, Apr 20th

I have computed aggregate scores and assigned tentative letter grades for your work in 22C:16 including HWs 1-8, Quizzes 1-6, and Exams 1 and 2. The grade distribution is:
Grade	Range		Number of students
A+	>= 99		2	
A	[95,99)		4	
A-	[90, 95)	9	
B+	[85, 90)	17	
B	[80, 85)	17	
B-	[75, 80)	10
C+	[70, 75)	15
C	[60, 70)	23	
C- 	[50, 60)	14
D	[40, 50)	5
F	< 40		11

This scale is almost identical to what I used after the first midterm, the only difference being that now A+ starts at 99 (rather than at 100). The overall average was 70.32%, almost identical to the average after the first midterm. As before, I assigned a C+ at the average. Follow this link for details. The column titles are mostly self-explanatory.

The grading between different discussion sections has become much more consistent and looking at the averages across the different sections, I did not feel the need to "normalize" the scores. You may recall that after the first midterm I had computed an "adjustment factor" and multiplied the final scores in some sections by this adjustment factor.

Please feel free to talk to me about these grades and let me know right away, if you notice any errors in the posted scores.