(The percentage beside the publications denote the acceptance rate)

Computational Geometry


A Unified Framework for Capacitated Covering Problems in Metric and Geometric Spaces
with Santanu Bhowmick, Tanmay Inamdar and Kasturi Varadarajan, arxiv

Effectiveness of Local Search for Art Gallery Problems
with Aniket Basu Roy, WADS (49/109=45%)

Polynomial Time Algorithms for Bichromatic Problems
with Aritra Banik, CALDAM (32/103=31%) arxiv


Approximate Clustering via Metric Partitioning
with Kasturi Varadarajan, ISAAC (62/155=40%), arxiv

On Variants of k-means Clustering
with Kasturi Varadarajan, SoCG (61/160=38%)


On the Approximability of Orthogonal Order Preserving Layout Adjustment
with Santanu Bhowmick and Kasturi Varadarajan, WADS (51/148=34%), Full version

Approximation Schemes for Partitioning: Convex Decomposition and Surface Approximation
with Santanu Bhowmick and Kasturi Varadarajan, SODA (137/495=27%), arxiv


Distributed Algorithms


Near Optimal Clustering in k-machine model
with Tanmay Inamdar, Shreyas Pai and Sriram V. Pemmaraju (to appear in ICDCN 2018)


Streaming Algorithms


A Constant Approximation for Streaming k-means pdf (term paper)


Graph Algorithms


A Variant of the Maximum Weight Independent Set Problem, arxiv


Voronoi Game on Graphs
with Aritra Banik, Sandip Das and Hirak Sarkar, WALCOM (29/86=33%), arxiv, TCS Journal 2015


Technical Reports

Cover Decomposability of Convex Polygons and Octants, PhD Qualifier Report, pdf

Voronoi Game on Graphs, Master's Thesis, pdf


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