(The percentage beside the publications denote the acceptance rate)

Computational Geometry


A Unified Framework for Capacitated Covering Problems in Metric and Geometric Spaces
with Santanu Bhowmick, Tanmay Inamdar and Kasturi Varadarajan
to appear in SoCG 2018 (73/206=35%), arxiv


Effectiveness of Local Search for Art Gallery Problems
with Aniket Basu Roy, WADS (49/109=45%)

Polynomial Time Algorithms for Bichromatic Problems
with Aritra Banik, CALDAM (32/103=31%) arxiv


Approximate Clustering via Metric Partitioning
with Kasturi Varadarajan, ISAAC (62/155=40%), arxiv

On Variants of k-means Clustering
with Kasturi Varadarajan, SoCG (61/160=38%)


On the Approximability of Orthogonal Order Preserving Layout Adjustment
with Santanu Bhowmick and Kasturi Varadarajan, WADS (51/148=34%), Full version

Approximation Schemes for Partitioning: Convex Decomposition and Surface Approximation
with Santanu Bhowmick and Kasturi Varadarajan, SODA (137/495=27%), arxiv


Distributed Algorithms


Near Optimal Clustering in k-machine model
with Tanmay Inamdar, Shreyas Pai and Sriram V. Pemmaraju (to appear in ICDCN 2018)


Streaming Algorithms


A Constant Approximation for Streaming k-means pdf (term paper)


Graph Algorithms


A Variant of the Maximum Weight Independent Set Problem, arxiv


Voronoi Game on Graphs
with Aritra Banik, Sandip Das and Hirak Sarkar, WALCOM (29/86=33%), arxiv, TCS Journal 2015


Technical Reports

Cover Decomposability of Convex Polygons and Octants, PhD Qualifier Report, pdf

Voronoi Game on Graphs, Master's Thesis, pdf


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