Capacitated Covering Problems in Geometric Spaces, June '18, SoCG, Invited talk, Slides [ my blog post ]

Multi-Path Algorithms for minimum-colour path problems with applications to approximating barrier resilience , UIowa ARG, Mar '18, [ my blog post ]

Local Search, UCSB Theory Meetup, Sep '17

Effectiveness of Local Search for Art Gallery Problems, Aug '17, WADS, Invited talk

Effectiveness of Local Search for Art Gallery Problems, Spring School on Discrete and Computational Geometry, April '17

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On the Approximability of Orthogonal Order Preserving Layout Adjustment, WADS, August '15, Slides

The Hardness of Approximation of Euclidean k-means, UIowa ARG, April '15

Ellipsoid Method and Solving LPs with too many constraints, UIowa ARG, Oct '14

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Parametric Searching, UIowa ARG, Apr '14

Approximation algorithms for maximum independent set of pseudo-disks, UIowa ARG, Feb '14

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Voronoi Game on Graphs, Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Germany, May '13

Voronoi Game on Graphs, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, April '13