Text Retrieval & Text Mining Journal Club

Fall 2015


Place: B11 MacLean Hall

Mondays 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

(Here is a map showing the building location).


Link to Previous Years' Readings


Goal: To study current papers from journals and conference proceedings in text retrieval and text mining. Examples of problems include topic models, web retrieval and web mining, ranking strategies, ambiguity resolution, knowledge discovery, web phenomenon including social networks, information extraction and text classification. The reading group is lead by Professor Padmini Srinivasan. Interested students (from beginning to advanced students) and faculty are invited to participate in the reading group. Participation format is informal with individuals taking turns to present an overview of the selected paper and lead the discussion. This forum has resulted in collaborative projects and published papers.

  • August 31:Huyen Le
  • September 14: Xiaoxuan Zhang
  • September 21: John Gikonyo
  • September 28: Momina Tabish
  • October 5: Sheroze Farooqi
  • October 12 : Mirza Besic
  • October 19: Momina Tabish
  • October 26: John Gikonyo
  • November 2: Xiaoxuan Zhang
  • November 9: Huyen Le
  • November 16: Sheroze Farooqi
  • November 30: Emmauel Sofela
  • December 7: Momina Tabish