Prospective students

We are always looking for motivated and creative graduate and undergraduate students to join our research group. Due to our strong ties with AMBI, much of our research focuses on Wireless Health: the use of embedded systems and wireless networking with the goal of improving patient care, quality of life, and reduce healthcare expenditures. As our research is intensively applied, you should expect to spend a significant amount of time coding, prototyping, and running empirical studies. This process is quite demanding and requires patience and perseverance. However, it is also quite rewarding to design systems that are actually used by real users.

As with other labs, our funding situation varies, but is always a limiting factor on the size of any research group (including ours). Your best chances to joining the lab are to take one of my classes or to do a semester of independent studies. If you're already a student at Iowa, please free to stop by and introduce yourself. Reading a couple of our recent publications will give you a leg up! If you're not yet a student at Iowa, please go through the standard admission procedures. The admission committee does a good job at sharing the applications of prospective students with relevant faculty.