M. Daniyal Dar

I'm currently a first year PhD student at the University of Iowa where I work in the SPARTA Lab under the supervision of Rishab Nithyanand. In the past, I've worked under the advisement of Mobin Javed at LUMS.

Email: <first initial><last name> AT uiowa DOT edu
Location: 317 Maclean Hall
Office Hours: TBD

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My research interests lie in the space of online privacy, online ecosystems, internet measurements and internet policy implications. I also work on understanding the tools and methodologies used by internet reseachers and the implications of the methods applied by them. Previously, I have made use of Machine Learning and Data Science, in combination with Internet Measurements in order to investigate the prevalence of advertisement click fraud online.

Selected Coursework

Network Security, Internet Measurements, Topics in Computer and Network Security,Advanced Programming, Deep Learning, Statistics, Software Engineering.