There are four problems in this homework. The problems are from Jeff Erickson's notes.
  1. Exercise 2 (b), 2(c), and 2(e) from Lecture 5 (Dynamic Programming). (30 points)
  2. Exercise 7 (a) of Lecture 5. (20 points)
  3. Exercise 10 of Lecture 5; part (b) is an intermediate step to part (c), so you can skip part (b) if you directly get part (c).
  4. Exercise 26 of Lecture 5.

The homework is due in class on Tuesday, March 11. No late days allowed on this assignment.

A note on grading: You will receive 37.5 percent of the grade for convincing us that you made a serious attempt at solving the problem. 25 percent of the grade is for the quality of the writing. The remaining 37.5 percent depends on how close your attempts are to a correct solution.