In this homework, you should complete the MyMapClass class from here , which implements the MyMap interface. The MyMap interface corresponds to the Map ADT in Section 9.1.1, and you should read this section for the meaning of the methods specified in the MyMap interface. The class MyMapClass is a LinkedList-based implementation of the MyMap interface. For clarity, I have written the constructor for MyMapClass where a LinkedList object lst is instantiated. The entries (or key-value pairs) will be stored in lst. The get and size methods of MyMapClass have already been written, so you only need to write the other methods specified by the MyMap interface.

Understanding this homework requires you to understand the material covered in the lectures in the last two weeks -- the collection and list interfaces, iterators, the LinkedList class, the Map ADT and its list based implementation. If you understand this material, the homework itself is not all that much work.

The main method includes some code to test the class you write, so make sure this runs successfully.

Submit the source files into a dropbox in ICON called Homework7. This assignment is due by 11:59 pm on Monday, Oct 29.