This homework is about implementing the edit distance algorithm and seeing how well it peforms on a test set. The edit distance algorithm is reviewed in this handout . (Note: In the algorithm, d[i,j] is intended to store the edit distance between the string consisting of the first i characters of string s and the string consisting of the first j characters of the string t.) The dictionary is here and the misspelled words are here .

Submit the source files into the folder Homework6 in the icon dropbox. You can also submit a text file with your answer to part (c) of the homework.

Update (11/24): Most of you will be comfortable with figuring out how to read in the words from the two files into your programs. But if this is going to be a problem, you can simply hard-code the strings into your program, using one array of strings for the dictionary and another for the misspelled words. If str is an object of type String, str.length() will return its length, and str.charAt(i) will return the character at location i of the string. (Remember, location 0 will hold the first character of the string!)