In this homework (posted Nov 30), we add methods for topological sorting and breadth first search to this Graph class that I wrote and we discussed in class. The method outline for topological sort should be
        void topsort() 
It should topologically sort the graph as described in pseudocode in Figure 9.7 of the text. You will have to modify the Vertex class to include the fields indegree and topNum. (Instead of throwing the CycleFoundException, you can print a complaint.) The outline for breadth-first-search should be
        void unweighted(String s) 
Here, s is a string that identifies the start vertex for the breadth first search, which should work along the lines of the pseudocode in Figure 9.18 of the text. Again, you have to add some fields to the vertex class. To test your methods, you can create graphs as outlined in the main method.