Course Schedule

Please note that the schedule is subject to change throughout the semester.

Week Date Topic Readings Assignment
1 1/17/2017 Course Introduction No Readings
1/19/2017 Evolution of "Fixing" to "Augmenting Design Meets Disability
Graham Pullin (2009)
Chapters: Fashion Meets Discretion and Exploring Meets Solving Resouces mentioned during class
2 1/24/2017 History of Disability and Accessibility The Disability Studies Reader: Constructing Normalcy (pgs. 3-16)
ADA Summary
Amended ADA Summary
1/26/2017 Universal Design Ability Based Design: Concepts, Principles, and Examples
Maximizing Usability: The Principles of Universal Design
3 1/31/2017 Survey of assistive technologies Required:
Accessible Touchscreen Technology for People with Visual Impairments: A Survey
Optional: Working Together: People with Disabilities and Computer Technology
Existing Technology can Help the Disabled
2/2/2017 Conducting Accessibility Research Read 2 ASSETS Papers of your choice in the last five years R4
4 2/7/2017 Social Implications of Accessible Technologies In the Shadow of Misperception: Assistive Technology Use and Social Interactions
The AT Effect: How Disability Affects the Perceived Social Acceptability of Head-Mounted Display Use
2/9/2017 Project Proposals No Readings Project Proposal Presentations
5 2/14/2017 Disability Studies Disability Studies as a Source of Critical Inquiry for the Field of Assistive Technology
Disability and Technology: A Critical Realist Perspective
2/16/2017 Group Project Work Time No Readings Project Proposals Due
6 2/21/2017 Making your research materials accessible
*Bring your laptop*
Accessible Writing Guide
Create an accessible word document
Create an accessible PDF
Create an accessible presentation
No assignment due - *In class activity webpage*
2/23/2017 Resarch to promote empathy Game Over: Learning by Dying
ACES: Promoting Empathy Towards Aphasia Through Language Distortion Emulation Software
R7 or CITI Training/HSRD
7 2/28/2017 Interacting with People with Disabilities Disability Etiquette No assignment due - *please read Disability Etiquette before class*
3/2/2017 Computer Vision Projects with People who are Blind RegionSpeak: Quick Comprehensive Spatial Descriptions of Complex Images for Blind Users
Supporting Blind Photography
8 3/7/2017 Audio Cues for People who are Blind Designing Auditory Cues to Enhance Spoken Mathematics for Visually Impaired Users
The SoundsRight CAPTCHA: An Improved Approach to Audio Human Interaction Proofs for Blind Users
3/9/2017 Computing Devices for People who have Low Vision Improving GUI Accessibility for People with Low Vision
How People with Low Vision Access Computing Devices: Understanding Challenges and Opportunities
9 3/14/2017 Spring Break No Readings
3/16/2017 Spring Break No Readings
10 3/21/2017 Guest Speaker: Juan Pablo Hourcade No Readings
3/23/2017 Project Updates No Readings Project Update Presentations
11 3/28/2017 Guest Speaker: Elizabeth Walker OCHL Study - Home
An Introduction to the Outcomes of Children with Hearing Loss Study
No assignment due, but complete the readings before class
3/30/2017 Group Project Work Time No Readings Project Update Reports Due
12 4/4/2017 Deaf or Hard of Hearing Head-Mounted Display Visualizations to Support Sound Awareness for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Real-Time Captioning by Groups of Non-Experts
4/6/2017 Cognitive Impairments Designing a Social Network to Support the Independence of Young Adults with Autism
TOBY: Early Intervention in Autism through Technology
13 4/11/2017 Color Blindness "So That's What You See!" Building Understanding with Personalized Simulations of Colour Vision Deficiency
Enabling Designers to Foresee Which Colors Users Cannot See
4/13/2017 Physical Impairments Wheelchair-Based Game Design for Older Adults
"But, I don't take steps": Examining the Inaccessibility of Fitness Trackers for Wheelchair Athletes
14 4/18/2017 Physical Impairments Analyzing user-generated youtube videos to understand touchscreen use by people with motor impairments
Personalized, Wearable Control of a Head-mounted Display for Users with Upper Body Motor Impairments
4/20/2017 Group Project Work Time No Readings R16 will not be due on ICON. Instead, it will be an in-class writeup.
15 4/25/2017 Older Adults Reflecting on Pills and Phone Use: Supporting Awareness of Functional Abilities for Older Adults
Considerations for Technology that Support Physical Activity by Older Adults
4/27/2017 Older Adults Verification of daily activities of older adults: a simple, non-intrusive, low-cost approach
Never Too Old: Engaging Retired People Inventing the Future with MaKey MaKey
16 5/2/2017 Design for User Empowerment Design for User Empowerment
Making the Field of Computing More Inclusive
Understanding the Challenges Faced by Neurodiverse Software Engineering Employees: Towards a More Inclusive and Productive Technical Workforce
5/4/2017 Final Project Presentations No Readings Final Project Presentations Slides and Final Project Deliverable