A headshot of Kyle Rector

I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science and a member of the Public Digital Arts Cluster at the University of Iowa.

I conduct research at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction and Accessibility. I am looking for Computer Science and Informatics PhD students! Please email me if interested.

I am especially interested in developing technologies that enhance quality of life for people who are blind or low vision in domains including exercise and art. I graduated from the University of Washington in 2016 from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, and my advisors were Dr. Julie Kientz and Dr. Richard Ladner. I was a previous recipient of the Anita Borg Scholarship, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, and the Google PhD Fellowship in HCI. For more in-depth information on my research feel free to look at my dissertation.

If you are blind or low vision, based in Iowa, and may be interested in providing feedback or participating in research, feel free to fill out this form! I will not share your information outside of the research team.