West02, Jones on End-to-End Accuracy Standards, Slide 7

What we must do:

Vendors must
reasonably document the accepted marks, rejected marks and marginal marks for each ballot tabulating system.
Today, most vendors only document the prescribed mark.

State laws must
clearly state the criteria for making an acceptable mark.
Today, some do so, but others fail to face this issue!

We must find a way to
measure the frequency with which voters make marks that express clear intent but which are unacceptable under state law.
Prior to the newspaper recounts of Florida ballots, we had essentially no data on this subject. Without this data, we cannot evaluate the appropriateness of the legal standards for an acceptable vote.

State boards of examiners must
determine, for each tabulating mechanism:
1) Does it reliably detect enough acceptable marks?
2) Does it reliably ignore enough unacceptable marks?
3) Are marginal marks sufficiently unlikely?
We need all of the information mentioned above to make these judgements.