22C:196, App Development for iOS/iPhone/iPad

Spring 2014, The University of Iowa

Jim Cremer, 101P MLH, james-cremer@uiowa.edu, 319-321-1893, Office hours: MW 9-10am and by appt
TA: Hao Zheng, 201G MLH, hao-zheng@uiowa.edu, Office hours: M 1-2pm, Th 11am-noon, F 1-2pm

Class meeting times/locations:
Section 001: TTh 2:00-3:15pm, 3315 SC
Section 005: TTh 12:30-1:45, 118 MLH

Google Sites website for this course

A companion Google Sites website, uiiosspring14 will be used for two things: 1) documenting group project work, and 2) a portal for the Google Groups discussion forum for the class. It also will have photos/information about all participants.

Recent Announcements (last updated April 26, 2014)

Prerequisites (for UI students)

22c21 and 22c22, or 22c80, or permission of instructor.

Course goals and structure

This will not be a regular lecture/homework course. I will give several weeks (6-7) of lecture classes and homework assignments to get everyone to a common point in basic iOS programming.

After that, most of the work will be team-based app design and development. Teams will be aspect where teams have to come up with a project idea, specify and design it, schedule, implement and present it. Most of the class will be spent working on the group projects; teams will have either two or three students (proposals for individual projects and four-person teams will be considered for special circumstances). There will be no tests - grades will be based on the basic homework assignments (from the first few weeks) plus the design, small progress reports, presentations and result of the group projects.

Again, there won't be a lot of regular lecture-style teaching - a bit at the beginning of the semester but much less as the course proceeds. I am not a true expert in iOS. I have developed or been part of several deployed apps but none of them have been super sophisticated.

People usually find the course fun and interesting, but it depends on the interest and willingness of people to do significant learning on their own or with their peers. Usually, students who put in a good effort enjoy it and learn valuable things - not just iOS development, but also things about design, working in teams, realistic goals and planning, etc.

The scheduled final exam times will be used for some groups' project presentations:
Section 1 time: Mon., 5/12, 7:30-9:30am
Section 5 time: Tue., 5/13, 7:30-9:30am


Plus/Minus grading will be used for the course.
Approximately: Homework: 40%, project 60% (consisting of many smaller components - design, status updates, presentations, results, report, etc.) There will be no exams.

Lateness/make-up policy

Late submissions will not be accepted. Except in special circumstances you will be better off turning in what you have on time rather than seeking extra time to complete your work. Starting early is important, especially for programing assignments.

Textbook, online resources, recommended books

No textbook required.

Newest edition of Stanford iOS course: Primary recommended free e-books

Recommended Apple online resources on iOS development: Other ecommended books/websites (this links here are maybe a bit out of date - not updated for iOS6 but you can probably find updated info at the sites by following these links)

On design/user interface (not programming)

Lecture Notes and Code from Class

Homework assignments

Computers (and iOS devices) available

You will need access to a Mac (or a "Hackintosh") for this course.

A few Macs are available in 301MLH.

A small number of Macs will be available to be checked out (for the entire semester) for use in the course. We will probably allocate them via a "lottery."

Several iOS devices (including iPads, iPad Minis, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s) are also available to be checked out for testing apps during development.

Documenting and submitting programs

For certain homework assignments, you must submit via the appropriate ICON dropbox. First, create a zip file of the folder containing your homework XCode project. Then, upload just that zip file to the ICON dropbox.

Scores and grades

Scores will be available on ICON only.

Other UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences-required syllabus info is here