profile picture of Brandon

I am interested in improving undergraduate education and instructional methods for Computer Science and Engineering. Specific topics include cooperative learning, guided inquiry (e.g., POGIL), and accessible materials.

My other research interests are broadly in computer systems engineering: high-performance computing, data management, and computer architecture. I have worked on systems that enable fast and flexible parallel programming. Past projects include Grappa, the high-performance partioned global address space (PGAS) runtime and Radish, a database query processor built on a parallel language compiler (and Raco query compiler).

Currently teaching

Fall 2018: In addition to Computer Organization, I am teaching a redesigned version of CS2 Data Structures as part of the Learning Collaboratory, which seeks to improve large lecture courses using evidence-based teaching.

In Spring 2018, I taught a new Topics II course in Spring 2018 on using FPGAs to build Application-specific accelerators. You can visit the course webpage for access to labs, tutorials, and resources.


14 November 2018

ICRU Fellow Yitong (Jason) Li presented a poster on our work on accessible tools for teaching digital logic.

20 October 2018

PhD student Yeajin Ham and I will be presenting our research paper Supporting Guided Inquiry with Cooperative Learning at SIGCSE 2019.

01 August 2018

We have an ICRU project to develop digital logic design tools to be used by students who are blind or have low vision.